RV ownership and full time RVing is reaching record levels. Whether you’ve fallen in love with a particular RV or you’ve always dreamed of the nomadic lifestyle, find out how you can prepare for full time RVing the right way. This ambitious dream is possible, but it requires dedication and preparation. Jumping headlong into this major transition could leave you stressed and with less freedom. Follow these steps to get started with your dream living situation today.


The dream of living full time in an RV is a growing fascination for many Americans. However, you need to be sure it’s right for you. Start with a shorter “test run” before making the leap into full-time RVing. You may be surprised by the amount of space, or lack of space, in your RV. You may decide that the RV you thought would be the perfect fit needs to be traded for one that fits your needs better.


Even the most accommodating RV is probably going to be smaller than your current living situation. Whether you’re selling a home or moving from an apartment, RVing typically involves downsizing. Consider your space requirements and prepare to downsize or safely store your possessions. Ideally, you’ll have quality, multi-purpose items that fit more than one need and take up less space. Camping gear is perfect for full-time RVing.


Where will you park your new home? Do you know an affordable insurance option? Ensure that your insurance and finance options include full-time RVing. Transitioning to full-time RVing requires you to consider a whole host of logistics. Planning ahead may take some time now, but will help you live a more stress-free life in the future. Find out where there are free and affordable campsites and RV sites in your area, and look into RV insurance policies. Consider communicating your travel plans with friends and family. Spur of the moment travel may seem more appealing, but if you have a flat tire or credit card issues, than it pays to have loved ones know where you are.


You may be confident in changing a tire, but do you know how to replace an RV water heater or patch a leaking water tank? Just like homeownership, owning an RV comes with a range of maintenance tasks that require specialized skills. Instead of tackling these complicated and sometimes dangerous tasks yourself, find a reliable RV service department in your area. Choose RVIA/RVDA certified technicians that aren’t just auto mechanics, but are capable of repairing and installing all the unique features that make an RV home and vehicle in one.


Finally, the most important decision you can make is selecting the perfect RV. Shopping for an RV for full time RVing is like house hunting, and car shopping rolled into one. Compare your favorite travel trailer, Fifth Wheel, Class A motorhome, Class C motorhome, and other options to find the perfect balance for you and your lifestyle. Compact options are easier to navigate, particularly if you’ll be visiting cities during your RVing. However, larger models offer more amenities that make your RV feel like home.


Once you’ve chosen to embrace the RV lifestyle, you’ll enjoy the freedom of the road and a thrilling sense of adventure. Follow these steps and find a reliable RV provider to assist you in all the logistics of renting, purchasing, and servicing your new home. Contact us at Hilltop Camper and RV to shop for the latest models and discuss your RVing plans with an experienced team. We understand RVs, so we can assist you in comparing the finer points of every RV model available to secure your new dream home for life on the road.

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